Remote Controlled Gate

  • Remote controlled and manually operated
  • Easy to install, assembly required
  • Portable model option
  • Standard is width 20’ but can be made up to 45’. 
  • Time and labor savings
  • Battery not included, shipping can be arranged
  • New Feature: 6 cables, 8.5" spacing, 53" high
  • Patent pending


Net Wrap Cutter

  • Remove net wrap from bale without leaving tractor by running the bale across the blade.  Set bale down and grab the net wrap with grab fork and teeth on loader. 
  • Safe height to keep cows safe
  • Can be attached to hay feeding trailer so it can go with you
  • Time and labor savings
  • Now taking orders for fall delivery - Call for pricing!

Automatic Frost Fee Hydrant Watering System 

  • Self-contained power source (deep cycle battery, charged by solar panel)
  • Very easy to install and disconnect
  • No modification to frost-free water hydrant
  • Weather proof
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Patented
  • Click on this link for a PDF brochure >>​ Hydrant.pdf

Flex Reel Rock Picker​​

UTV Visor

  • No more blinding sun and harmful glares
  • Simple installation - attaches to metal frame with strong magnets

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Mailbox Clip and More

  • Features Strong Magnet. Felt pad stops scuffing/scratches.
  • Great for mailboxes - keeps your mail high and dry
  • USPS approved. Works in metal or plastic box.
  • Mounts anywhere with adhesive metal disk.
  • Use in your vehicle, on your desk and more!
  • Uses:  Kitchen, Office, Lockers, Auto, Agriculture Equipment, Shops, Under Cabinets, Hold Paper/Mail. The strong magnet holds clip in place when you pull the papers/mail from the clip.

Warning:  This is not a toy. Place adhesive disk responsibility.  Use felt pad to protect finishes.  

One Handed Grease Gun System

  • Grease gun with one handed applicator system already installed
  • Comes in kit with easy installation or complete grease gun system
  • On off switch located at end of hose next to coupler
  • Comes with a 50" hose
  • Makes any greasing easier - trucks, equipment, PTO shaft, etc.
  • Needs only 1 handed when using holster
  • Time and labor savings
  • Coming soon
  • Patented